Andino Set's Up Two Visits.

With his season complete, LB prospect Eric Andino can focus more on recruiting. He spoke with IrishEyes about his future plans, and the schools recruiting him

Eric Andino, 6'4 230lb MLB prospect from Buffalo Grove (IL.) lost his opening round game in the playoffs despite playing a great game. Andino finished with a ton of tackles, 2 force fumbles and a sack. Nevertheless, his team lost, and you could hear the dissappointment in his voice. "I really wanted that game badly" said Andino. We all played our hearts out, but our secondary just couldn't keep up with their receivers. I can't be mad because they played their hearts out. It just wasn't meant to be I guess." Andino finished his season with over 130 tackles, two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), five sacks, and 12 tackles for loss.

With his season over, Andino will be focusing a lot more on recruiting. "I've set up two visits so far" said Andino. "I'm going to Michigan State on December 5, and Boston College December 12. Kansas State has been calling me lately, and I'm going to set up a visit there too. I'll probably visit Illinois as well." Wisconsin, Indiana and Kansas are other teams that have been hot for Andino as well.

Has Notre Dame been in contact with Andino? "No, I haven't heard too much from Notre Dame. I was really hoping they would recruit me. I know Tom (former Buffalo Grove player, and current Notre Dame freshmen Tom Zbikowski) put in a few good words for me, but [Notre Dame] hasn't called. I like Notre Dame a lot."

Look for Andino to decide sometime in early January after he takes a few visits.

Comments: Andino is obviously dissappointed from the lack of interest Notre Dame has shown. He and Zbikowski are really good friends, and Andino doesn't hide the fact he'd like to join Tom in South Bend. Kansas State is now in the equation, and he seemed very happy to be getting attention from them. IrishEyes will keep you updated on Andino. Top Stories