Brohm Still in Playoffs

Irish Eyes caught up with quarterback Brian Brohm last night to get a quick update on recruiting. Brohm is currently leading his team into the playoffs and recruiting will have to wait.

Brian Brohm has his team on a role right now. "We're 7-4 right now and in the playoffs," said Brohm. "I was 17-19 last week for 284 yard and five touchdowns. We won 49-0 last week."

Recruiting is going to have to wait for Brohm right now. "I haven't set up any more visits. I've been talking to some schools and we have an idea of when I might be visiting, but nothing is set up yet. I know I will visit Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisville for sure."

Brohm said those visits will likely be coming in December. "We are talking about December. I might take one in November but that will depend on my schedule."

The Irish continue to keep in constast contact with Brohm. "They've told me everything I need to know. They keep in touch with me all the time. I like their coaching staff a lot. I think Coach Willingham is a great coach and a great motivator. I liked Coach Diedrick as well. We talk about his schemes and how I would fit in there."

Another team rumored to be on the rise is Louisville. The Cardinal's invitation to join the Big East was important to Brohm. "Moving into the Big East really helped. I've known that was coming for a long time. It allows me to strongly consider them. Before, I probably wouldn't have considered them as much."

Does that make Louisville his leader? "No, I wouldn't say that at all. I like the same four teams and I don't have a leader. After my visits, I should have a better idea who my leader is."

Comments: The Irish remain in the race. We think it will be Notre Dame or Louisville when it's all said and done. I get the feeling we will get a decision from Brohm before recruiting heats up in January. Top Stories