Council in Holding Pattern

Charlotte, NC prospect Rod Council is still in the playoffs and that has changed his recruiting plans a bit. When can we expect a decision from Council?

Rod Council is leading his team in the playoffs right now. "My team is 11-1 right now," said Council. "I have 11 interceptions on the season, three were returned for touchdowns. I know I have 14 total touchdowns. The rest came on offense. I think I have around 15-20 catches at wide receiver."

Recruiting has been put on hold as of now according to Council. "I was scheduled to visit Virginia Tech but I can't make that. I'm not sure if I will reschedule that or not. My schedule is too busy right now. I'm still interested in Virginia Tech. I would have to schedule it to fit around my schedule and the playoffs."

We asked Rod what the plan was at this point. "The plan is I want to try to make my decision. It's still those four schools--Notre Dame, Virginia, Michigan, and Virginia Tech. I haven't really had time to think about who leads right now. I've been studying the schools and checking out everything on the internet. I hope to make my decision before the end of the year. Maybe it will be a Christmas present. I will sit down and think about it after my season."

Comments: Not much new with Council. The Irish remain in the race. We feel the Irish have a good shot to land him. Top Stories