Irish Players Talk About Win Against BYU

Irish Eyes spoke with a number of seniors after their final game in Notre Dame Stadium. Here are their thoughts on the game, and their thoughts on playing their final game in Notre Dame Stadium.

Julius Jones Quotes

On his final two games.

"I want to win these next two games. If we do that, just concentrate on winning, good things will happen for me individually. I'm trying to win." >{?

On his expectations for the season.

"I hoped for more wins than we have right now, but it really didn't go that way. To have this team come together at the end of the season is remarkable, and hopefully we can finish it out with two more wins."

On his last game here.

"It meant a lot. It was emotional for me, emotional for the seniors. I've pictured this day, but it came sooner than I wanted it to. I wish I could play another three or four years here. But, there's bigger and better things out there, hopefully, for me and the rest of the seniors."

On his final game.

"I was pretty happy with the performance, the team performance, and individually, my performance. We've got to take it into the next two games. We've got two more to go."

On his final season.

"I definitely didn't take anything for granted this year. I enjoyed every bit of it playing in this stadium. I've just learned to never take anything for granted."

Jim Molinaro Quotes

On final game.

"It was great, especially with Julius getting close to 1,000. It was a good feeling. Looking up at the scoreboard and seeing we were up by a good amount in the fourth quarter. You kind of look back and stare at the stadium for the last time. It was kind of emotional, but the season isn't over with yet."

On blocking for a 1,000 yard rusher

"The offensive line really matured throughout the season. We've had our tough times, but I really think we're coming together as a unit."

Derek Curry Quotes

On playing Notre Dame defense again.

"It felt really good. That was one thing we were really looking forward to this year—to be on top, and start off fast. Our coaches did everything to get us prepared. We knew what they were going to do, it was just us reacting to it and getting it done.

On sending out Courtney Watson as a winner

"It meant a lot to me. He's trying to be all tough about it. It meant a lot for me to see him go out the way he did, to play the game he did today. I've gotten to know Courtney a lot, and I could tell he was really emotional about. He was still trying to laugh it off, but I think it's going to hit him later on."

On playing without the seniors next year.

"It will be hard because I've grown really close to Courtney since we played side-by-side and all the seniors. It feels good to me to make them proud."

Vontez Duff Quotes

On his final game

It feels good. We got a victory, that's all that really matters.

On what it felt like coming off the field

"I had to run a few times, over to the crowd. We're just happy to get the win, that's all that really matters to me."

On the final two games and the possibility of a bowl game

"The bowl game thing is after we win these two games. We've got to win these two games and then whatever is decided with the bowl situation, we'll accept it. We've got to win the next game first before we can worry about the bowl game."

On the BYU success at the beginning of the game

"We didn't really make any adjustments, we just didn't get lined up. They were throwing a lot of stuff at us, and guys weren't getting lined up. We just had to settle down and get lined up."

Darrell Campbell Quotes

On winning his final game

"It meant the world, but more importantly, it meant a lot just to be here. I'm very fortunate to be in the situation that I'm in, to be able to wear the gold helmet, to wear the blue jersey. To go out there and be a part of something that's tradition, I've never had a chance to do anything like that ever in my life. To be a part of that now means so much more to me."

On running out of the tunnel for the last time.

"Same thing as the first, goose bumps, tears, little bit of pain because this is the last time. By warm up, I was done. I was crying after the first series of base-blocks. This place means the world to me. I'm never going to forget it."

On playing Notre Dame defense again.

"I felt like we got our swagger back, we got our tenacious attitude back—something that's been missing for a while. It showed up in spurts, but it was very consistent in this game."

Courtney Watson Quotes

On his final game in Notre Dame Stadium

"Just to get the victory, at some points you kind of forgot the game even mattered, just thinking about that you didn't have any more games in this Stadium. I think we came out, we played very emotional, we played a whole game and we did some good things on both sides of the ball."

On running out of the tunnel for the last time.

"A lot of emotions. I was just realizing that this was the last one. Not any more chances to just be a part of the Notre Dame Stadium and the Notre Dame atmosphere."

On his interception.

"It did feel good just because the coaches had been getting on me because I hadn't had a pick all year. It was good to get it early. We got a lot of them today. I think really did set the tone because they were trying to do a lot different things at the beginning of the game, and kind of had us rattled as a defense. That was key and got us off the field."

Brady Quinn Quotes

On the importance of the sending the seniors out as winners.

"They've been great leaders the entire year. The year hasn't gone the way we wanted it to. This is a great way to send them off, with a win in their last home game."

On Julius Jones

"He's amazing. It's so unbelievable to watch him bounce around guys, break tackles, find a hole when it doesn't look like one is there. He's just an unbelievable talent and I know our O-Line is doing a great job up there blocking for him."

On back-to-back wins.

"It feels good. Obviously that's something we haven't felt yet this season. It feels great right now."

On heading into the off-week on two-game winning streak.

"We're going into it on a positive. We've got some time to rest and get some guts healed up. I feel great about what we've got going here. Hopefully we can take it into the next couple of games."

On Rhema McKnight

"He's got great hands, runs great routes, overall, a very athletic receiver. It's not necessarily that I look for him so much, rather than I know that he's going to make a play when I need to make one." Top Stories