David Brown Loved Visit to Notre Dame

David Brown took an official visit to Notre Dame last weekend for the BYU game. The 6-3, 275-pound defensive tackle prospect is a top prospect with offers from schools across the country. What were Brown's thoughts on Notre Dame, and what are his plans for recruiting?

David Brown said he loved his trip to Notre Dame. "I knew a lot about the school already," said Brown. "I just wanted to know how I felt about the school, being around the students and the players. I'd say I accomplished that. I really felt comfortable there with the school and the players."

Brown said his host was Justin Tuck for his visit. "I liked him a lot. We played some Madden and I was up 21-0 and he came back and beat me. He told me that he had a two-year winning streak before Ryan Grant beat him. I might have to go back and play him again."

The visit was a hit for both Brown and his parents. "Coach Willingham was impressive as usual. He answered all my questions. We talked on-one-one three times. My parents were really impressed with him and Notre Dame. They just loved the whole thing. My Dad talked to Coach Willingham at dinner. I think he changed my Dad's mind about where I should go. He wanted me to go to Alabama, but now he told me that he liked Notre Dame."

The game atmopshere was also a hit for Brown. "It felt good to get in the cold again. I haven't been in the cold for a while so that was kind of fun. The game was great. They won and their seniors were real excited. If they win the next two games, they have a shot to go to a bowl game. A lot of people said their season is over, but it's not yet. I really enjoyed the game atmosphere."

Brown has changed some of visits to try to make an earlier decision. "I'm going to Georgia this weekend. I have Alabama on December 6th and Georgia Tech on December 13th. I think I'll take my last visit to Vanderbilt. Tennessee, LSU and South Carolina are still kind of there, but I think I'll visit Vanderbilt."

Where do the Irish stand now? "They are really high up there right now. I really liked the visit and my parents really enjoyed it. I could see myself going to school there easily. I will probably say that about all the schools. We'll see after my visits."

Comments: The Irish did a great job with Brown. I'd say the Irish are at least even with Alabama right now. The Alabama visits looms large however. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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