Toal Undecided on Irish

Brian Toal is a top linebacker prospect from Ramsey, New Jersey. The 6-1, 220-pound linebacker prospect is leading his team into the playoffs this season and has put recruiting on the back burner. Will Toal visit Notre Dame?

Brian Toal is having a solid season for Don Bosco Prep. "We're 8-0 right now," said Toal. "We have three games left. I have about 920 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns. I have no idea on my tackles right now."

Recruiting has taken a back seat with his team in the playoffs. "Right now, I think Miami is the only team I know for sure that I will visit. After Miami, I really don't know."

Toal had said earlier that he was certain he would visit Notre Dame. We asked if the Irish were slipping for him. "It's a good possibility that I will visit there, but it's not definite. I still have the same interest level I've always had with Notre Dame."

Toal said he just isn't sure what he plans to do with recruiting. "So many other schools keep coming into the picture. Tennessee, Virginia tech, Boston College, Nebraska, Oregon, and Penn State are the other schools I'm looking at right now."

Recruiting will start to become a priority real soon according to Toal. "My season will end on December 6th. I know I will take visits the next two following weekends. I just don't know where yet."

We asked Toal if he still plans to take all five. "As of now, that is the plan. I could see myself only taking a few if I know where I want to go."

Toal said that Notre Dame keeps in constant contact with him. "I hear from them all the time. Coach Willingham called me last week. They kind of alternate. One week it's Coach Willingham and the next week it's Coach Simmons."

Comments: We get the feeling that Toal will visit Miami with one of his first visits. Miami is clearly his leader. We'll see what happens with the Miami visits. Top Stories