Hendricks Undecided on Visits

Dwayne Hendricks is still playing football but has found time to take a few of his official visits. Hendricks has visited Michigan and Iowa with a few other visits scheduled already. Will the Irish get a visit from Hendricks?

Dwayne Hendricks is still playing football. "My team is 4-4. We missed the playoffs," said Hendricks. "We still have one game left. I have about 70 tackles, 3 sacks, and five forced fumbles on the season."

Hendricks recently visited Iowa. "It was a really nice place. I felt real comfortable with the people there. There were about five people from Jersey so that was cool. It was someone I could relate to which was cool. I'd say I liked Iowa a little better than Michigan."

The Millville, NJ native has set up a few other official visits. "I'm going to Virginia on November 28th. I'm also visiting Miami on January 16th. I don't know what I'll do with my last visit. Florida or Notre Dame will likely get my last visit. Unless someone else comes into the picture."

The Irish still are holding out hope for an official visit. "I'm still interested in Notre Dame. They're all good schools so it's hard to choose. They call me all the time. I usually speak to Coach Simmons. I don't know if I will visit there or not. I'm just waiting to see when it hits me."

Comments: Hendricks really enjoyed Iowa and I think they might have the slight lead. The Irish are hanging in their by a thread. They could get a visit, but we feel they have a long ways to go before becoming a real threat. We'll keep in touch with Hendricks.

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