Robinson Still Waiting for Irish Offer

<P>Brandon Robinson is still playing football this season. He is set to play in the State Championship game this weekend. He is putting up monster numbers and plenty of schools have noticed. The Irish haven't offered yet but remain interested. Is Robinson still interested in Notre Dame? </P>

Brandon Robinson is having a monster season for Breck School in Minneapolis, MN. The 6-0, 185-pound athlete is being recruited to play both wide receiver and defensive back by his top schools.

"We're still playing," said Robinson. "We play in the State Championship this weekend. I have 76 catches for around 1,500 yards, 24 touchdowns, four field goals, 4 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, and I average around 7 tackles a game."

Robinson is also focusing on recruiting. "I've been to Vanderbilt and Boston College. I liked Vanderbilt a lot. I liked Boston College more. I think it's a better fit for me."

The Irish have been recruiting him, but he hasn't received an offer yet. "They said they were going to offer but haven't yet. They told me they needed to see some senior film and an offer would be coming. I sent that about two weeks ago, and I haven't heard from them yet."

Robinson says he's starting to set his final three visits. "I have Stanford scheduled for December 5th. My last two visits will come from UCLA, Notre Dame and Colorado."

Will Robinson visit Notre Dame if they offer? "Yeah, I think so. It's getting to that time where I need to schedule my official visits. I might just set them up with schools that have offered though. They've already offered and have for a while and Notre Dame hasn't done that yet."

Comments: The Irish will have to make a decision real soon on Robinson if they want to remain in the race. We think the Irish have a great shot if they do offer. We'll keep in touch with Robinson to see if the Irish do offer." Top Stories