IrishEyes are watching Arlich

Jerod Arlich, the 6'4 246lb FB prospect from Minnesota is getting closer, and closer to wrapping up his recruiting season. Arlich is just back from another recruiting visit, and talked with IrishEyes about it.

Jerod Arlich went to the University of Iowa this past weekend to check out the Hawkeyes and their program. "A couple of friends and I drove up to Iowa on Friday night" said Arlich. "We got there really late so I didn't get to see much Friday night. In the morning, I had breakfast with the coaches which was really cool, and then went over to watch the game (Minnesota vs. Iowa). It was a really good game. I was kind of cheering for both teams even though I would've liked to have seen Minnesota win."

Did Arlich leave Iowa with an offer? "I'm really shocked, but they didn't offer me" said Arlich. "I don't know what happened. I didn't really get a chance to talk to the coaches after the game since my friend had to rush home to be somewhere, but I thought they were going to offer. They invited me up so they could check me out, and said they were going to offer. I'm not really sure what happened, but they didn't offer."

Has Notre Dame been in contact with Arlich lately? "I actually got off the phone with Coach Mattison not too long ago. He's a real cool guy."

Where does Arlich go from here? "I have a couple of visits left. After those, I'm just going to sit down and decide which school is best for me." Arlich visits Northwestern December 5th, and Minnesota December 12th.

Comments: Notre Dame is in great shape with Arlich. I think it will come down to Minnesota and Notre Dame when it's all said and done. IrishEyes will keep you posted on Arlich. Top Stories