Middleton Getting Some Attention From Irish

At 6'2 230lbs, Alonzo Middleton, the middle linebacker prospect from Orangeburg SC, is starting to think more about recruiting. His season is over after helping his team to a 7-3 mark. He sat down with IrishEyes to discuss his football season, and recruiting.

For Alonzo Middleton, his senior football campaign meant a great deal. Although it's over, he's not mad or bitter at all. "We had a pretty strong year" said Middleton. "We finished 7-3 but didn't get a playoff bid. I was real disappointed in that but that's just how it worked out."

One would expect Middleton to take recruiting more seriously now that his football season is over. "I'm not really thinking too hard about recruiting right now. I have a lot of [school] work I need to catch up on, and I really need to be doing a lot of studying as well. I think about recruiting some, but it's really not a top priority right now."

When he is thinking about recruiting, Middleton has a few set teams that he's considering. "It's still basically the same schools. Clemson, and South Carolina have offered and I'll probably set up visits to both of them when I set up my visits." Georgia, Florida and Tennessee have also been in contact with Middleton.

Middleton camped at Notre Dame over the summer, and came away very impressed. However, the last time we talked with Middleton, the Fighting Irish weren't recruiting him. Has things changed? "Actually, Coach Deidrick called and talked to my coach the other day. I think he wants to get some [film] from this year. It's cool that they are thinking about recruiting me.

When does Middleton expect to make a decision? "I'm not really in a rush. I'm going to take my time. I'll probably start to set up a few visits during the next couple of weeks, but I'm in no rush to decide."

Comments: Looks like Notre Dame may recruit Middleton after all. In a year where ND needs a MLB, many people were wondering why ND wasn't recruiting Middleton. Expect Middleton to visit South Bend if the Irish show more interest. He really likes ND. We should know more in the next few weeks.

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