Grixby Will Visit Notre Dame

With his senior football season complete, Cortney Grixby is preparing for life on the hardwood now. However, recruiting is also starting to pick for the TheInsiders #2 rated cornerback. With one visit in the books, Cortney is will be setting up four more and Notre Dame will be one of the lucky schools.

For Cortney Grixby, one season down, another begins. As the star point guard for Omaha Central HS, GRixby excells on the hardwood. He'd like to continue playing two sports in college as well. "I love football and basketball" said Grixby. "I want to play both [sports] in college too. I've been talking to a few coaches about that." Grixby first basketball game is next week.

Though highschool basketball season is right around the corner, recruiting season is in full swing for Grixby. "I have my top five. I'm looking at Nebraska, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Iowa, and UCLA. I've already visited Nebraska and Iowa and I'm in the process of setting up visits to my others."

How was the Nebraska visit? "The Nebraska visit was great. I had a really good time there. My brother plays for Nebraska so I pretty much knew what to expect, but I still had a good time."

Has Notre Dame been in contact lately? "I talked to Coach Willingham two weeks ago. He called and we talked about a lot of different things. Not just football. He was real articulate and intelligent. We had a good conversation. He was very impressive. I missed the calls from Notre Dame last week."

Cortney has yet to set up a visit to South Bend, but he's looking for possible dates now. "I'll have to talk to the [Notre Dame] coaches to see what dates are best. I'm sure it will be sometime in January."

Comments: Notre Dame still has a real shot. Coach Willingham made a good impression on Grixby. IrishEyes will keep you updated on Grixby's visit date to South Bend. Top Stories