Jenkins Set to Pass Personal Best

Omar Jenkins is inching closer to a personal best after catching four passes in the win over BYU. The Dallas, Texas, native only needs three more receptions in the last two games to equal his total for the 2002 season. Irish Eyes talked with Omar about the BYU game and the preparation for Stanford.

We asked Omar about practice and the bye week, and he said, "Basically we will just take it as a regular week of practice; look at their coverages, their tendencies, and how they play. And see what we have that can exploit anything and everything that will give us an edge."

Jenkins says the Irish didn't spend a lot of time on the Stanford defense just yet. "We have seen a few minutes of the Stanford tape. They are a hard-playing defense with a group of guys that are hungry out there. They play well and have a defensive backfield that has confidence and believe in their ability."

The win over BYU was huge for the departing seniors and the entire team. When asked about this Jenkins replied, "I think it was a great win to get ready for the next game. First it was a consecutive win and gives us confidence coming into this bye week. If you come into the bye week with a win, it just continues to build. That win last week was a real good deal."

With two games remaining on the schedule and just needing three catches to tie his career best we questioned Omar about his goals, "Just keep playing hard. My personal goal in every game is to play like a champion. If people don't understand exactly what that is, it's to go out and play every play like it is my last, and you never know it could very well be."

The final home game for seniors brings about a lot of "lasts" such as the last team Mass in the Basilica and the last walk to the stadium. We asked Omar how these "lasts" were for him, "I was really having a good time with it. I really wasn't focusing too much on the significance of it being the last Mass in the Basilica or the last walk to the stadium. I was laughing and trying to make this last time as much fun as I could."

Irish Eyes had the pleasure of talking with Omar's parents Saturday as they waited for the team to come out of the Basilica and begin the walk to the stadium. As you can imagine they are very proud of their son, not only as a football player, but as a Notre Dame senior. They did share with us that they are looking to attend games in the future as "normal" fans. During our interview with Omar we asked how many games his parents have attended throughout his career, and he laughed and stated, "During my career, I don't know. You can count every game this year, all but two last year. My freshman year all but like three or four, and I think my Dad made all of them; my sophomore year probably all but three or four games."

Jenkins says he's appreciated the support of his family over his career at Notre Dame. "Just knowing they are willing to schedule the days they can to come up here and see me play football every Saturday. It's great that they came up and did that every year."

Omar Jenkins is fine football player and a first-class person. We are sure he will finish his career on a high note and go on to be successful after his graduation from Notre Dame. Top Stories