Thaxton Still Undecided on Visits

Jae Thaxton has led his team into the playoffs. The Hartwell, Georgia linebacker is having an excellent senior season, and recruiting will have to wait until his season is over. Which schools will Thaxton be visiting?

Jae Thaxton is having a monster senior season. "We are 8-3 and still in the playoffs," said Thaxton. "I have 157 tackles and four sacks so far."

Thaxton has a visit scheduled for Notre Dame on January 23rd already. We asked Jae about the others schools he might visit. "I had a visit scheduled for January 30th, but I think I have to reschedule that because of the rules. I know I will visit LSU for sure. Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, South Carolina, and Clemson are some of the other schools I'm looking at."

Notre Dame is the only visit set in stone right now. "I just want to find out more about them. I've always liked them. My Mom has said I should take a look at them because they have excellent academics and their athletics are top-notch. I'm curious and I want to check them out."

Thaxton says he'll set his visits soon. "I'll set them soon. I'm really busy right now, and I need to take care of things before I set them. My team is still in the playoffs so I'm focusing my attention there and with school. I'll set them after the season."

Comments: The Irish should have a good shot at Thaxton. Notre Dame has been the only visit he's scheduled for a while. He seems pretty interested in Notre Dame so the Irish should have a legitimate shot with him. Top Stories