Johnson Might Visit Notre Dame

Calvin Johnson will be setting his official visits soon. The Tyrone, Georgia wide receiver prospect has finished his senior season, and recruiting will take priority. Where will Johnson take his visits?

Calvin Johnson was a hot prospect for Notre Dame earlier in the season. The 6-4, 190-pound wide receiver prospect seemed to cool on the Irish earlier in the season. It now appears he might visit Notre Dame.

"I think I'll visit Notre Dame," said Johnson. "They came by the school last week. I think I can play early there. I think I can play as a freshman. I've liked them, but I wanted to stay closer to home. I want to check it out and see what it's like."

Before Irish fans get excited, Johnson admits the Georgia and Georgia Tech are still his leaders. "They are, they're close to home, and I like both programs. They both have good schools."

Johnson says he'll be setting his visits soon. "I'm working on that right now. I'll try to set them up real soon. I know I'll visit Georgia and Georgia Tech. Notre Dame, probably, and maybe Alabama and Miami. I'm not sure yet."

Johnson gave us a rough estimate on his season. "I think I had between 30-40 catches for around 700 yards and eight touchdowns."

Comments: The Irish appeared out, but now appear to be back in. The first step is to set a visit. The Irish have a long way to go, however. Most expect Johnson to choose one of the Georgia schools when all is said and done. Top Stories