Lyons Sets a Few Visits

Devon Lyons has closed his senior season putting up some impressive numbers. Lyons has already visited Notre Dame and Michigan State. He has now set a few more visits, and finding the right school has become his priority.

Devon Lyons says his team lost in the Semi-Finals. "We lost 19-0," said Lyons. I ended up with 24 receptions for 782 yards and 14 touchdowns. On defense I had four interceptions and 48 tackles."

Lyons has already visited both Notre Dame and Michigan State. We asked him to compare the two schools. "They are completely different schools. Both had good qualities and bad qualities. At Notre Dame, they have the education, the tradition. They say they are recruiting me for either wide receiver or defensive back, but I think they're leaning more towards defensive back. I'm leaning towards playing wide receiver."

"Michigan State has the offense that's better for wide receivers. I talked to both coaches, and I liked both. I liked both campuses. It's really hard to say which place I liked better. They are just different."

Lyons has scheduled two more visits. "I have Miami on December 5th, and Ohio State on December 12th. I will probably take my fifth visit. Purdue, Pitt, North Carlonia, and Virginia are the other schools I'm considering."

We asked Devon what he would consider when he makes his final decision. "I'm looking at a lot of things. The education is important. I'm looking at where I will be if I don't make it to the NFL. Also, where I play, how I fit in, things like that."

Comments: Lyons doesn't appear to have a leader at this point. He seems pretty open right now. The Irish have been high on his list all year. We'll have to wait a bit before we get a good idea where he might end up. Top Stories