Council Still Deciding

Charlotte, North Carolina prospect Rod Council is still trying to decide. When can we expect a decision from this great corner prospect?

Rod Council's season has ended. "I really don't know my final stats," said Council. "I can get them for you. I know I had 11 picks."

The 6-0, 185-pound corner prospect says he's still planning on visiting Virginia Tech at this point. "I still want to make that visit. I hope to set that up soon. I do think I will take that visit before I decide."

The Irish have been in contact with Council. "They just came out last week for my game. They call me every week. They're are just waiting to see what I'm going to do. I like Coach Walters a lot."

Council has already made three visits. "I liked them all. I've been to Notre Dame, Virginia, and Michigan. I haven't eliminated anyone yet. Some other schools have tried to come in late, but I don't think I will consider them. I think I'll just look at these four."

As of now, Council says he doesn't have a leader. "I don't really have a leader right now. I am hoping I can make my decision real soon. I want to get this over with."

Comments: We still think the Irish are high on his list. The Irish should be in the race until the end. The decision could come soon. We think he's getting closer to his decision. He says he wants to visit Virginia Tech first. We might have to wait until after that visit. Top Stories