Brohm Back From Another Official Visit

Quarterback Brian Brohm has led his team into the State Championship game after a slow start. The 6-4, 200-pound Louisville native also recently returned from a recent visit to Kentucky. What did Brohm think of his Kentucky visit? Where do the Irish stand with this top prospect?

Brian Brohm is having the typical Brian Brohm season. "We are still playing," said Brohm. "We are playing in the State Championship game this weekend. I am 276-for-432, for 3,554 yards, 32 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. We play St. Xavier for the State Championship."

Brohm recently returned from an official visit to Kentucky. "It was a pretty good visit. Their situation at quarterback is pretty intriguing. They aren't winning a lot of games though. I do think they will turn it around though." ,/P>

Brohm says he will take two more official visits. "I will visit Tennessee and Louisville. I plan to set them up next week. I want to take both in December but I'm not sure that will happen. I know I will take at least in December. The other might have to be in January. That might push my decision back until January."

The Irish are the other team he's considering. "I talked to them on the phone. They said they are coming in next week. Coach Willingham is coming for and in-home visit. It's not officially schedule at this point."

We asked Brohm to break down what he likes about each school. "Louisville is definitely an option. They have a lot of quarterbacks there. It's an unique situation. Their quarterback is a junior so it might be difficult to play early there."

"Tennessee is very intriguing. They say whoever they take will be the probable starter. They are brining in two though so we'll have to see how that goes. They do have two quarterbacks there already. C.J. Leake has another year, and they have Clausen's brother there."

"I still like Notre Dame a lot. I think their offense will be better. They have a lot of good players there. A lot of young guys. They say I can compete for the job there with Brady. It's as good a situation as the others. I've been able to watch them. It looks like an offense I'd like to run. I think they are on their way. They just need the right type of players. I think they got a really good class last year with some good players."

We asked Brohm what he thought would factor into his final decision. "I think the opportunity to play early. The type of offense, and the surrounding players, those will be the big factors."

Comments: Brohm seems really open right now. We think it's a three team race between Louisville, Tennessee and Notre Dame. We could see Brohm ending up at any of the three. We do think he likes Notre Dame quite a bit. The question remains, will he want to compete with Quinn for the starting job? Should be an interesting race. Top Stories