New Quarterback to Add to the List?

Quarterback Darrin Bragg has been an unknown for most of the year. The 6-2, 185-pound San Jose prospect has opened some eyes with his seniors season. Schools are starting to take notice, including Notre Dame.

Darrin Bragg wasn't a household name at the beginning of the year. Bragg says that's because he wasn't playing. "We ran more of an option offense last year. We had a quarterback that ran that offense well. This year, the coaches came to me and said we were going to run more of a pro set offense with three and four wide. I said 'thank God.' That offense fits me better. I didn't really play much last year so nobody really knew about me."

Bragg embraced the new offense and opened some eyes. "I threw for around 2,000 yards and 15 touchdowns. I also had eight interceptions on the year. We finished 7-4 on the year."

His senior performance was good enough for him to receive his first official offer. "Utah has offered me. Washington, Cal, Oregon, Kentucky, and Notre Dame are recruiting me right now."

The Irish have been recruiting him pretty heavily lately. "I just got off the phone with them five minutes ago. I talked to Coach Diedrick. He said he was going to come to my house after the new year and talk to my parents about the school. They call me every week. They've called probably five times so far."

Is Bragg interested in Notre Dame? "Definitely! They have a great tradition. It's a high-profile program. It's a big-name school and a good program. I would definitely take a visit there if they wanted me to come."

As of now, Bragg has schedule just one visit to Utah. "I'm going to Utah on January 16th. I'm considering them strongly. I'm pretty interested. They have a good offense and it's a program that is worth looking at."

Comments: Bragg is a fantastic kid. He could end up being a great fit for Notre Dame. The Irish seem interested in Bragg and continue to call him weekly. He ran a 4.62 at Nike Camp and is said to have a strong arm. We'll keep an eye on him. Top Stories