Irish Commitments Set Visits

<P>In-home visits are starting to heat up with this week being the first week coaches are allowed into the homes of prospects. Reaching these prospects has been difficult so we decided to check on a few players already committed to Notre Dame. </P>

Tregg Duerson ended his season with a win. "We won the game," said Duerson. "That felt great to end the season with a win. I finished with around 1,600 yards and 21 touchdowns on the year."

Duerson says he's was given a couple of dates to choose from for his official visit. "They told me I could visit on December 12th or in January. I think I'm going to visit on January 16th for my official visit."

The media attention has died down for Duerson. "It's died down. It was pretty hectic, but now it's back to being normal. It feels good getting recruiting out of the way. Now I can relax and focus on training. They want me to play corner and return kicks. I'll just work out for next year."

Justin Hoskins ended his season on a high note being named Michigan's Gatorade Player of the Year. "I was gone," said Hoskins about being honored as Michigan's best player. "I had no idea that happened. I came home and my Mom had all these articles on my bed. I was named to a lot of teams, I was excited about that. I didn't know one of them recognized you for academics as well as sports. I was happy about that."

Hoskins had an impressive season as well. "I know I had around 1,500 yards and 24 touchdowns. I had 2,200 all-purpose yards. 60 tackles, one interception, I also punted this year."

The surprising thing is that Hoskins was able to do this all while being injured. "I had a broken toe for the first four games. I had a broken toe when I went to Notre Dame this summer. Once that heeled, I got tackled kind of funny and twisted my knee. I didn't tear anything. It just got twisted kind of funny. It's been messed up. I didn't want to play basketball so I could rest my knee for track season. It's still not healed 100 percent so I'm going to go get some physical therapy so I can be ready for track season."

Hoskins has also scheduled his official visit. "I'm going there on January 23rd. I keep in contact with Coach Denbrock all the time. He's coming to see me next week. I was only able to make it to the Michigan State game this year. I had a lot of fun when I was there."

The Michigan native said he's been watching the Irish. "I didn't get to see the Stanford game, but they're coming together. I knew they would. People kept telling me I shouldn't go there. I knew their line was young. They're putting it together now. I wasn't concerned at all. I knew they would put it together."

Track season is now the focus for Hoskins. "Last year was disappointing to me. No way should I get beat. They had the 100 and long jump right at the same time so I was running from one and going to another. I'm not going to do that this year. I'm going to break the 100 meter record during the season, and then I'm going to run the 200, 400, and long jump at State. I should come away with at least two gold medals there."

Hoskins has always been a confident athlete. His attitude allows him to have the success he's had. His ability to ignore pain should come in handy as well. "It really doesn't bother me. I have a high threshold for pain."

John Kadous also ended his season. "We lost in the quarterfinals," said Kadous about the end of his season. "We had eight turnovers in that game. It was real disappointing because we didn't play like the team we can be."

Kadous has set his official visit to Notre Dame as well. "I will be there for the banquet weekend. I look forward to that." And meeting Joe Montana? "I'm really excited about that. I was real happy to hear he was going to be there."

The Irish have been keeping in contact with Kadous since his commitment. "They've been calling me. They said they can call me more than once a week now. Coach Baer said he will be here next week to visit me."

Kadous was able to catch the Stanford game. "They killed them. They looked great out there. The o-line did a great job of run blocking, and they could throw the ball. They impressed me a lot."

The big offensive lineman says he'll be taking his visit by himself. "I'm going by myself. Most of my family has already been there. My mom is the only one who hasn't met the coaches. She'll meet Coach Baer next week, and Coach Willingham will be here to meet her later."

Kadous says he'll stay busy between now and next August. "I've been thinking about maybe throwing the shot-put this year. I might do some of that this year and do a little track. I've been getting prepared for the Army game right now. Just doing a lot of lifting, running, and stretching. I'm back to my regular workout routine."

All three Irish commitments are very solid in their commitments. All three seemed very excited about the Irish and their visits. It will be exciting to watch these three next fall. Top Stories