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Debuting in 1994, IrishEyes.Com was the first site on the Web dedicated to exclusive coverage of Notre Dame sports. Now our infrastructure has been strenghtened considerably by a deal forged by entrepreneuer Jim Heckman and investors including former NFL star Bernie Kosar. The details are here.

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October 16, 2001

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(Editor’s Note: IrishEyes.Com was the first Notre Dame site on the Internet, debuting in 1994. It was privately owned until 1999 when it entered into a strategic partnership with entrepreneur Jim Heckman. The following news release outlines the current network that IrishEyes is aligned with. IrishEyes feels confident through this relationship we have a powerful infrastructure that will allow us to continue providing the most timely, well-written and entertaining content on Notre Dame sports.)

SEATTLE -- Fifteen months in the making, a strategic partnership has been struck between, the online sports network re-launched by founder Jim Heckman, and UGO Networks Inc., (, the entertainment oasis for 18-34 year old males on the Web.

Heckman also announced that has secured $1.8 million in funding. One of the company's co-founders, Bill Sornsin, calls the funding milestone a significant accomplishment considering the current economic climate and investor distaste for dot-coms.

"Jim seems to have a knack for doing the impossible," said Sornsin, a former Microsoft Network manager and CTO/board member. "This funding, the UGO deal and our recent rebirth out of the ashes proves what can be done with great leadership, vision and loyalty from a talented staff. We expect great things now that we have our original leadership back. That's why I invested again and committed for a second time to work with Jim Heckman."

Two investors led the re-launched startup's funding: Cleveland Pacific, led by Bernie Kosar and his brother Brian, and Doug Moore of Vulcan Publishing, Inc. "Jim is a great entrepreneur." said Bernie Kosar, a former All-Pro NFL quarterback, "Entrepreneurs like Jim are rare and when Jim approached us about being involved, we jumped at the opportunity."

The UGO arrangement unites the affiliate sites of and UGO into a single network, although no equity is exchanged. Combining America's most loyal sports fans and UGO's six million male consumers of entertainment, the alliance creates one of the largest male audiences on the Internet. "A similar deal had been reached between us back in May of 2000, but after Heckman was pushed out (at Rivals), the deal fizzled," said UGO Chairman Joe Robinson. "We are greatly impressed at the speed this company was revived. This was the kind of execution we were accustomed to seeing at Rivals."

Sharing a single advertising infrastructure will enhance the efficiency of the two networks, according to Sornsin, co-founder. "The launch of our subscription model has exceeded all expectations," Sornsin said, "and the advertising opportunity with UGO complements this new revenue stream."

"Online advertising revenues took a hammering because there were too many suppliers," Heckman said, "but as Internet properties consolidate, the future of sponsorship revenue will be bright for the very few survivors. As the number of ad suppliers dwindles, I expect advertising rates to rise again. One thing is clear to me -- consumer loyalty for quality Internet properties is not slowing down and the smart advertisers will soon learn to exploit that opportunity."

The strategic partnership extends the market reach for UGO's national sales force while offering a unique and compatible traffic reporting system and ad-serving technology to network. "I'm incredibly impressed with UGO's technology, leadership and continued success selling sponsorships," Heckman said. "UGO's leadership team has continued to make the right leadership decisions to remain a survivor."

The new alliance brings the Heckman/UGO relationship full circle. UGO and Rivals went in opposite directions shortly after Heckman's departure. UGO raised $25 million and headed in the direction of profitability while Rivals closed their doors in early April.

Rivals' former Senior Vice President, Patrick Crumb, also rejoined his former CEO to again lead corporate development. "In less than two years," Crumb explained, "Heckman invented a business model, closed five rounds of funding for nearly $70 million, launched a 700 site sports network, built strategic alliances with Intel, Yahoo, Fox/Newscorp, Chrysalis Entertainment and Softbank, launched two international networks in London and Japan, and filed an S-1 with Goldman Sachs just prior to the IPO crash.

"But I think what has been done over the last six months is even more impressive," continued Crumb. "The engineering team built an entirely new publishing system, we signed and deployed a nationwide network of over 100 affiliates, generated hundreds of thousands in subscription sales, billed significant national sponsorship revenue from UGO, secured over 150 local ad clients, and recently executed a content syndication alliance with CNNSI." All this has been done with a full-time staff of 17, less than 10% of Rivals at its' peak.

About (<>) is a network of more than 100 college and pro team Web site affiliates operating on a single technical and business infrastructure. Based in Seattle, Wash., the new network was recently launched by Jim Heckman, founder of the former consists of the key former Rivals' executives and founders including the CEO, top dealmaker, top revenue producer, original CTO with the key engineers, and top Web sites from the former network.

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