Arlich Still Visiting and Undecided

Minnesota full back Jerod Arlich has been a busy guy lately. He's had a number of in-home visits lately and recently returned from an official visit to Northwestern. Where do the Irish stand with Arlich?

Jerod Arlich recently returned from a visit to Northwestern. "I liked it a lot," said Arlich of his visit. "I wasn't too sure about big cities, but I found out what Northwestern is all about. I really found out a lot about the school. It was a nice visit."

At this point, Arlich says he's sure he'll take at least one more visit. "I have a visit to Minnesota next weekend. If I don't know after that, I might take a visit to Stanford on January 9th."

The Irish appear to be slipping with Arlich. We asked him if this were true. "Yeah, I'd say a little bit. Just some things that happened that I need to get over. It's really my only holdup on Notre Dame."

We asked Arlich if the problem was that the Irish hadn't been recruiting him throughout the process? "That would be a good guess. We talked about it, they apologized. It's just something I need to get over."

Arlich has had a lot of in-home visits lately. "Stanford and Minnesota were here on Monday. Colorado was here for five hours on Tuesday. Northwestern was here on Wednesday. Coach Mattison was here on Thursday. This week I'll have every coach here. Coach Barnett will be here on Tuesday. Coach Teevins is also coming. I know all the rest will be here. I just haven't set them up yet."

Comments: The Irish have some dammage control to do. It appears someone got into his head. So goes recruiting. The Irish need to turn this ship around this week or he will likely go elsewhere. He's still interested, but the Irish have some ground to make up. Top Stories