Vernaglia Still Solid Commitment

<P>Linebacker Anthony Vernaglia says he's still committed to Notre Dame. So why all the fuss?

We thought we'd talk to linebacker Anthony Vernaglia to get his thoughts on the recent buzz about him not being a firm commitment to Notre Dame.

"I'm still committed," said Vernaglia. "I'm still as strong as I was before. It's funny, people think they know what's going on. It's amazing that going to one game can spark so much controversy."

We asked Anthony if he was going to take any other official visits. "No, I won't be taking any official visits. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Notre Dame. I just don't want to burn any bridges. I don't want to close any doors in case something really out of the ordinary happens. That's all."

The Irish have been keeping in contact with Vernaglia. "I talked to Coach Willingham and Coach Baer before the Stanford game. Coach Baer is coming here tomorrow. I talk to them all the time."

We asked Anthony if the Irish season was the reason he hasn't closed all doors. "No, I understand the team is young. There will be new players when I'm there and we can turn this thing around."

Comments: I think Anthony's intention is to go to Notre Dame. I think he wants to go to Notre Dame. We're not sure why he hasn't completely closed the door. Until he does, I think the questions will continue. Top Stories