Brown Still Undecided

Alabama defensive lineman, David Brown recently returned from an official visit to Alabama. He also had a visitor after his official visit. Where is Brown in his decision-making process?

David Brown recently returned from an official visit to Alabama. "It was pretty impressive," said Brown of his visit. "It's hard to compare it to the Notre Dame trip because this wasn't a game trip. You have a lot more time to spend with the players and coaches. I wanted to go to a game at Notre Dame, but I wonder what it would've been like if I didn't go on a game trip there."

Coach Tyrone Willingham visited Brown on Sunday night after his Alabama visit. "It went great. He stayed for about three hours. We talked mostly about like, and his past experiences and how they tied into football. It was a good visit."

Brown said the race between Alabama and Notre Dame is real close right now. "After the Alabama visit, they were ahead of Notre Dame. But, once I talked to Coach Willingham, I'd say they are pretty much tied right now."

A decision could come sooner than later for Brown. "I think I'll take my visits, but I could commit tomorrow. I've set timelines for myself earlier, but could never come up with a decision. I will probably take another visit. If I don't feel the same about that visit as I do about Notre Dame and Alabama, I might just try to decide between those two."

Brown says that as of now, he only has one in-home visit scheduled this week. "I have Vanderbilt coming on Tuesday. I missed a bunch of calls when Coach Willingham was here, so I'll probably have more later in the week."

Comments: The race is too close to call. Brown says he goes back and forth between leaders sometimes daily. We don't think he's ready to make a final decision yet. We do expect one to come fairly soon, however. Top Stories