Toal Schedules Second Visit

Brian Toal is still playing in his senior season. He plays his final game today. The 6-2, 220-pound linebacker prospect has scheduled two visits so far. Will he be visiting Notre Dame?

Brian Toal continues to have an impressive season. "We play our last game on Tuesday," said Toal. "I have 95 tackles, 10.5 sacks, 1,053 rushing yards, and 32 touchdowns."

Toal has set two visits so far. "I'm going to Boston College this weekend. I also have scheduled a visit to Miami on December 19th. Those are the only two visits I've scheduled so far."

With the playoffs, Toal hasn't had much time to think about recruiting. "I keep saying that I'm going to set these up, and I don't get around to it. I've been setting up about one per week. I will probably have them all set up in two weeks."

Toal says he only has one in-home visit this week so far. "Oregon is supposed to come sometime this week. Notre Dame will come for an in-home next week. That's all I have set up right now."

We asked Toal if he planned to visit Notre Dame. "Yeah, I think so. I think I'll visit there." He's also considering a few other schools for his final three visits. "Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Penn State, and Oregon are some others I'm considering."

Comments: The first step is setting the official visit. We still believe Miami will be very difficult to beat. Anything can change, however, and a visit to Notre Dame will certainly help Notre Dame's chances. Top Stories