Lyons Still Visiting

Devon Lyons is a hot prospect right now. The 6-3, 190-pound athlete has returned from his visit to Miami, and has plenty of other schools trying to get him to visit. Where will Lyons visit next?

Devon Lyons enjoyed his visit to Miami. "It was real nice," said Lyons of his visit. "I liked the campus, the coaches, the facilities, and the players. I felt I fit in with the players there. It was real hot down there. It was 80 degrees when I was there."

The visit pulled the Hurricanes even with everyone. "Yeah, I'd say Miami is up there now. They are probably even with everyone right now."

Lyons has another official visit this weekend. "I'm going to Ohio State this weekend. This might be my last visit. Some others are trying to get me to visit. Boston College, Virginia, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Stanford, I really don't know if I'll take another visit."

The in-home visit list has been just as hectic for Lyons. "I had Michigan and Michigan State here yesterday. I have Miami on Wednesday, and Coach Willingham is coming on Thursday."

We asked Devon if anyone was leading at this point. "No, they are all pretty much even right now. I will think about that after my visits and try to decide. Right now, it's pretty even."

Comments: The Willingham visit will be important. It sounds like Lyons would prefer to get this over with soon. We might know his decision before the Holidays. Top Stories