Official Visit List Shaping Up

<P>The Irish will have another official visit weekend this weekend with their football banquet scheduled for Saturday. Joe Montana is set to be the guest speaker and the visit list is shaping up for the weekend. We thought we'd take a look at recruiting, and the official visit list for the three recruiting weekends so far. </P>

So far, the Irish have already had a number of official visits. The Irish scheduled many of their top prospects to come in for game weekends during the season. The results of these visits might not be known for some time. Here's a list of those that have already visited and still on the recruiting board.

QB Brian Brohm
RB Jerod Arlich
DL David Brown
CB Rod Council
CB D. J. Davis
WR Devon Lyons
CB Terrail Lambert
DL Phillip Mbakogu
DL Darryl Richard
OL Allen Smith
LB Anthony Vernaglia (committed)

Brohm has already visited Kentucky. He will visit Tennessee this weekend. Tennessee and Louisville are considered the main competitors. Louisville hasn't been schedule yet. Willingham made his in-home visit with Brohm this week. Both Tennessee and Louisville have yet to have their visit or their head coach into the home. The Irish have to hang on with Brohm. We should know more in the recent weeks.

Jerod Arlich has already visited Notre Dame, Colorado, and Northwestern. He's scheduled to visit Minnesota this weekend. He might take a visit to Stanford later. As of now, the Irish appear to be behind with Arlich. Willingham has yet to make his in-home visit with Arlich. Expect that to be coming soon.

David Brown has visited his two favorites already—Notre Dame and Alabama. He liked his visit a lot to Alabama. Willingham visited him right after his Alabama visit and the Irish and the Tide are dead-even according to Brown. Alabama and Shula haven't had their final say yet. Hopefully the Irish can hold off the charge. Brown is visiting Georgia Tech this weekend, and has Georgia lined up for January 9th. He could make a decision soon, however.

Rod Council has already visited Notre Dame, Virginia, and Michigan. He is supposed to be taking his visit to Virginia Tech this weekend. Recent rumors have the Irish being eliminated. I don't think the Irish are out of it at this point. Willingham has not had his in-home visit with Council yet.

Phillip Mbakogu visited Notre Dame and Cal. He's scheduled to visit Kansas State this weekend. Mbakogu and teammate Robert Jordan have said they'd like to go to school together. They both loved their visit to Cal. The Irish have some work to do if they hope to land both of these players.

Terrail Lambert has already visited Notre Dame and USC. He has said he'd like to visit Ohio State and USC. Some have said USC has cooled on Lambert after taking some other defensive backs. The Irish appear to have a good shot to land Lambert. We think they'll be in the race until the end.

Devon Lyons has visited Michigan State, Miami, and Notre Dame. Lyons says all three are even right now. Ohio State could be his last visit this weekend. Willingham will visit him on Thursday. This in-home visit will be very important. We should know more after his visit to Ohio State.

D.J. Davis has visited Notre Dame, Penn State, and Missouri. Davis was very impressed by Missouri. He visits Texas A&M this weekend. The Irish seem to be behind right now. Willingham has not made his in-home visit yet, but the He visits Texas A&M this weekend. The Irish seem to be behind right now. Willingham has not made his in-home visit yet, but the Irish might have too much ground to make up.

Darryl Richard has visited Notre Dame already and was very impressed. He visits Miami this weekend—said to be the main competition for Notre Dame. He's lined up visits to UCLA next weekend, and Stanford on 1-9. This weekend at Miami will be very important. If the Irish can get passed this weekend, they should have a good shot to land him.

Allen Smith visited Arizona State and Notre Dame already. He's scheduled to visit UCLA next weekend, and Stanford on 1-16. The Irish were rumored to be leading for Smith. He won't make a decision until he takes all of his visits. He likely won't be making a decision any time soon.

Vernaglia had already committed prior to his visit. The Irish need to hold off the constant attempts by USC to change his mind. As long as Notre Dame stays on top of him, they should be able to hold off the charge by USC.

Future Visits

Notre Dame appears to have just five official visitors this weekend.

WR Bryant Creamer
LB Maurice Crum
OL John Kadous
DL Ronald Talley
LB Abdel Banda

Kadous and Banda have both committed to Notre Dame already.

Maurice Crum has already visited Michigan State. He also has a visit lined up for Georgia Tech on 1-9. The Irish seem to be hanging in there with Crum. Pittsburgh will also likely get a visit.

Ronald Talley has already visited Michigan State and Iowa. Michigan State is said to be the main competition. Hopefully the Irish can make in impression this weekend.

Creamer has yet to be offered by Notre Dame. He's visited Illinois, but we feel that Virginia will likely be the main competition. If Notre Dame offers we expect them to be difficult to beat.

January 16th

CB Nate Lyles
CB Junior Jabbie
CB Tregg Duerson
S Nick Patterson
OL Jaimie Thomas

Lyles visited Boston College last weekend. He'll visit Virginia and Iowa the next two weekends, and the Irish are his last scheduled visit. Lyles had been leaning to Notre Dame earlier. We expect Virginia to be the main competition so this week will be critical.

Jabbie visited Boston College last week and has a visit scheduled for Missouri this week. Notre Dame is said to be his leader at this point.

Patterson visited Ohio State last week, and will visit Missouri this week. These two schools are said to be his leaders. The Irish get the last visit if he lasts that long.

Thomas is a recent offer for Notre Dame. He visited Maryland last weekend, and visits Tennessee this weekend. He's also scheduled a visit to North Carolina on 1-9. Tennessee is rumored to be the main competition for Notre Dame.

January 23rd

LB Jae Thaxton
RB Darius Walker
RB Justin Hoskins

Thaxton is a critical recruit at linebacker. He visits Florida State this weekend, and Georgia 12-19. Miami and LSU will also get visit. It appears Notre Dame will be his final visit if he lasts that long. The Irish must stay on top of him to make sure he makes that visit.

Walker is also a critical target. He visits Stanford on 1-9, and USC on 1-16. He plans to set a few more visits as well. The Irish look good to land him, but need to hold off the charge from everyone else. Willingham has already made his in-home visit with Walker so it's important to stay on top of him throughout his visits.

Players not scheduled at this time

LB Brian Toal
WR Calvin Johnson
TE Kellen Freeman-Davis
CB Cortney Grixby
WR Robert Jordan
WR Bobby McCoy
OL Brandon Nicolas
QB Rudy Carpenter
OL Chauncey Incarnato

Nicolas and Incarnato have already committed. We are trying to find out their visit dates.

Toal visits Boston College this weekend and Miami on 12-19. The Irish might get a visit but Miami is the team to beat.

Johnson might visit Notre Dame, but Georgia and Georgia Tech are the teams to beat. He visits Georgia Tech this weekend and Georgia 1-9.

Freeman-Davis says he will visit Notre Dame, but hasn't set that visit yet. Kellen has made a visit to Michigan State, has Northwestern on 12-19, and Michigan on 1-9. Notre Dame should get a visit, but the in-state schools will be tough to beat.

Grixby has said he'd visit, but Nebraska was his main school until Frank Solich was fired. Many expect him to commit to Nebraska. The Irish might get a visit, however.

Jordan says he'll visit Notre Dame as well, but no visit has been set. He's been to Cal and will visit Kansas State this weekend. We think he'll be difficult to lure from California.

McCoy visits Arkansas on 1-16 and A&M on 1-23. These are the only likely visit weekends for Notre Dame in January. If the Irish can't get him to change these visits they will likely be out for McCoy.

Carpenter is a new name added at quarterback. He will likely visit in January on the 16th. Arizona State (1-9) and Arizona (might be this weekend) appear to be the main competition. I hear Notre Dame will go out and see him next week.

Other names will likely be added to the list soon. We'll keep the list updated. Top Stories