Carpenter Hoping For Irish Offer

Westlake, California prospect Rudy Carpenter has seen his stock rise throughout the year. The 6-3, 190-pound quarterback is starting to set his visits. The Irish appear to be in the mix. Will he be visiting Notre Dame?

Rudy Carpenter is still playing his senior season. "My team is 13-0 right now," said Carpenter. "We're playing for the championship this weekend. I've thrown for 2,500 yards, 33 touchdowns with six interceptions."

Carpenter will then set his sites on recruiting. "I've taken one visit to Wyoming. I have visits set to Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, and Fresno State. I know that is five visits, but I'm keeping my options open in case something else comes along."

That something else might be Notre Dame. "They talked to my coach today. Coach Mattison called the school. He told my coach that they needed to get my school stuff straightened out. When I transfered, some of it needed to be ironed out. We are taking care of that stuff. I took the SAT, I've qualified by NCAA standards but Notre Dame wants me to take the test again. I will take that before Christmas break."

As of now, Notre Dame hasn't offered. "They told me they would offer once I got all my academics stuff cleared. We haven't set up an official visit there yet. We just need to get all of this stuff ironed out."

We asked Carpenter if he'd be interested in Notre Dame if they did offer. "I told my coach today that Notre Dame is where I'd probably go if they offer."

Comments: Carpenter has yet to set his visit, and hasn't been offered at this point. He seems very determined to get his academic situation ironed out. Everything looks good if he can get it ironed out. We'll keep in touch with Rudy to see where this goes from here. Top Stories