Cortney Grixby Still Setting Visits

Omaha, Nebraska corner prospect Cortney Grixby is trying to find time to take his official visits. He's in the middle of basketball season, and is having a hard time finding time to take his official visits. Will he be visiting Notre Dame?

Cortney Grixby is trying to set his remaining visits. "I've been to Nebraska and Iowa. I'm trying to set my other official visits now. I've had Kansas State, Minnesota, and Notre Dame coaches in my house this week. I'm trying to work around my basketball schedule to set up some visits."

Many think that Grixby will end up choosing Nebraska in the end. Rumors circulated that Grixby was set to commit to Nebraska before former coach Frank Solich was fired. "I was keeping my options open. I never said I was going anywhere. I'm just waiting to see what happens there and keeping my options open."

Coach McDonell recently visited Grixby. "It went real well. We are trying to work around my basketball schedule to get a visit set up. They've been in my top five for a while. I planned on taking a visit there. We just need to see if we can work around my basketball schedule."

With Grixby playing most Friday nights, finding time will probably be difficult. "I will probably only have time to take one or two more visits. Kansas State will probably get a visit. I'll see if I can set one up to Notre Dame."

Comments: Grixby says he's remaining open at this point. We think once Nebraska has officially named a coach that the Huskers will be tough to beat. Hopefully the Irish can get a visit and a shot at this top prospect. Top Stories