Lyons Back From Ohio State

Athlete Devon Lyons is back from his official visit to Ohio State. What are his plans for the future?

Devon Lyons enjoyed his visit to Ohio State. "It was nice," said Lyons of his visit. "I met a lot of nice people. I definitely liked the coaches there. It seemed like a place I could fit in. They want me as a wide receiver."

Lyons also had a visitor last Thursday when Coach Willingham made his in-home visit. "He stayed for about five hours. I had a friend over and we watched my highlight film, and my friend's highlight film. We talked about a lot of stuff. It was a real good visit. My family was really impressed with him and the way he talks."

With four visits under his belt, Lyons says he's going to start thinking about his leaders. "My Dad and I are going to sit down and talk about that tonight. I will probably take another visit. I don't know where, but I think I'll take another visit."

"I have Coach Bradley from Penn State coming for an in-home visit. That's all I know of right now. Ohio State is definitely up in the race now."

Comments: Lyons said he expects to make a decision in January now. This race is too close to call at this point. He said he should have a clearer picture once he sat down with his Dad. Top Stories