Thomas Back From Tennessee Visit

Offensive lineman Jamie Thomas has returned from his official visit to Tennessee. He's narrowing down his list, and the Irish have made the cut. What does he think of Notre Dame?

Jaimie Thomas enjoyed his official visit to Tennessee. "I had a good time," said Thomas of his visit. "They have great facilities, and they are making it even bigger. It's a college town with the town built around the college. I liked their coaching staff. It was a nice time."

Thomas says he rates Tennessee even with Maryland. "I liked both about the same. They are pretty much tied right now, but I haven't been out to Notre Dame yet. Once I visit there, I should know better who leads."

Notre Dame is a school Thomas is excited about. "It's big-time football. They have great tradition. I know it's a great academic school. It will just be a matter of if I feel comfortable with the school, the players, and the coaches there."

As of now, it's a three-team race. "Notre Dame, Maryland, and Tennessee are the only three schools I'm considering. I'm not going to North Carolina. It will be just these three."

Thomas has scheduled his official visit to Notre Dame. "I'm going there on January 16th. Coach Simmons will be here on Tuesday. I should decide shortly after my visit there."

Thomas says he has no other visits this week from coaches so far. He also said that Notre Dame was just recruiting him as an offensive lineman, and they would fit him in where he fits best.

Comments: The Irish look pretty good for Thomas. He seems very interested in Notre Dame. He seems excited about his visit. As long as the Irish stay on top of him, they should have a good shot to sign him. Top Stories