Brohm Back From Tennessee

Irish fans know the name Brian Brohm so we'll spare you the particulars. Brohm recently visited Tennessee, and had a recent visit from Tyrone Willingham. We caught up with Brohm to get his thoughts on both.

Brian Brohm said he enjoyed his visit to Tennessee. "It was a pretty good visit," said Brohm. "They have a nice campus, and really nice facilities. It looks like they have a lot of talent on their team which is good. It looks like it would be a good fit for me."

Brohm also had a visit from Willingham last week. "It went very well, very well. We went over all the positives. It looks like a pretty good situaiton for me. He stressed how much he really wants me there. I've really enjoyed my visits with him. He's a great coach, and a good man." We asked Brohm if the Willingham visit improved Notre Dame's chances of signing him. "Yeah, I'd say it improved."

Brohm has also had a few other in-home visits. "Ron Turner came by, I might visit Illinois. Rich Brooks from Kentucky also came by. I have Louisville coming in this week. I think that's it for this week."

The speculation has been that Brohm will ulitmately choose Louisville. The rumors have been strong lately that he will do that. "Louisville is a good option for me. My brother is a coach there, and he's family. My other options are just as good, if not better. We'll just have to see."

Comments: I'm just speculating, but I don't think he was blown away by Tennessee. I could be wrong, but he didn't seem that excited about the visit. Brohm rarely gets excited about anything, however. This race is too close to call. I think we have a ways to go. Brohm said he'd likely visit Louisville on January 9th. Top Stories