Brown Excited About Notre Dame

Forestville, Maryland defensive end Justin Brown is a new name added to the Irish wish list. Irish Eyes caught up with Brown to find out how he became a top prospect for Notre Dame.

Justin Brown said he had always thought of himself as a basketball player. "I've always played basketball. I'm a forward on the basketball team. I decided to play football out of curiosity. I hadn't played varsity football until this year. I just thought I would give it a try."

Brown only played in less than seven games this year, but that was enough for a number of schools. "I had a pretty good year. I think I finished with 65 tackles and nine sacks."

Schools started finding out about Brown recently. "I've been offered by Kent State, U. Conn, Maryland, Notre Dame, and Boston College so far. Michigan said they were offering, but I haven't received it in the mail."

Brown has already visited Kent State and Boston College. "I liked Boston College a little better out of the two. It was a nice place."

He's also scheduled a visit to Notre Dame. "Coach Mattison came to see me at my home. He seems like a real nice man. I set up a visit there for January 16th. I also set a visit to Michigan on January 23rd. I might not take that visit if I don't have an offer after my Notre Dame visit."

Brown said he and his family like the Irish quite a bit. "Notre Dame is a great school both athletically and academically. I can't believe I have a chance to accept a scholarship from there. My family likes Notre Dame quite a bit, especially my Dad. I think I have a chance to succeed both academically and athletically there."

Brown says he's enjoying the attention. "I'm enjoying it, but I'm not overwhelmed. It's been great. I'm glad I decided to try football. I plan to take my Notre Dame visit, after that, we'll see what happens with my other visits."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Brown. We'll know more after his visit. Top Stories