Smith Sets Visits

Tempe, Arizona prospect Allen Smith is leaving no rock unturned in his recruiting research. The 6-5, 310-pound offensive lineman has done his research and set his official visits. Where will Smith be visiting?

"I'm visiting UCLA this weekend," said Smith. "I have Stanford on January 16th, and Tennessee on January 23rd. That will be all my official visits. I might take unofficial visits to Arizona, Oklahoma, and Penn if they allow me to."

Smith has narrowed his list by having many in-home visits. "I've had Oklahoma, Arizona State, Notre Dame, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Darthmouth, and Penn coaches by my home." Smith said the Arizona State head coach and Stanford head coach have already had their in-home visits.

With all the visitors, we asked Smith if any coaches have really impressed him so far. "I really liked Coach Baer from Notre Dame. I have Coach Willingham coming tomorrow. I'm very excited about that. I spent a lot of time talking to him on my official visit, and time just flew by. He's an impressive man. I also liked Coach Teevans. He stayed about two hours. That was a good visit. I also enjoyed my visit with Coach Wesley from Darthmouth."

Smith says he knows what he's looking for in a school. "My mom has always said that she'd prefer the school to be a strong academic background so that's first. Putting all records aside, I know that the record won't be the same when I'm there so that doesn't matter to me, the next thing will be how I fit in with the players."

"The way I feel about the players will be the most important thing," Smith continued. "That was one thing I commented on after my Notre Dame visit. My host was Ryan Harris and he was one of the most outstanding individuals that I've ever met. I got to meet a lot of players there, and every school I look at, I will compare them to how I felt at Notre Dame. I really felt like I fit in well with the players at Notre Dame. I also felt confortable at ASU. I have a lot of friends on the team so I know I can be comfortable there."

Comments: The Irish bring out the big gun today in Willingham. Allen has shown a fondness for Willingham since the beginning. Notre Dame has a good shot to land Smith, but plenty of other schools also have a good shot. We won't know on Smith for quite a while. Top Stories