Schaeffer Interested In Notre Dame?

Florida quarterback Brent Schaeffer was a hot name at quarterback for the Irish early in the recruiting season. A mixup on his academics caused the Irish to stop recruiting. It appears the confusion has been solved, and Notre Dame has begun recruiting Schaeffer again. Will Schaeffer be visiting Notre Dame?

Brent Schaeffer was a hot name for Notre Dame early, but the Irish dropped him for academic reasons later in the year. That has now changed. "Notre Dame has started recruiting me again, but it's a little late right now," said Schaeffer.

We asked Schaeffer what the Irish coaches have told him about the confusion of his academics. "They told me that there was a mixup on what they had for a test score on me. They said they had the wrong score for me and that is why they stopped recruiting me." Schaeffer says he has a 3.1 g.p.a and scored a 900 on his S.A.T.

The Irish have been trying to get back in the race. "They came by my house last week. They said they wanted me to take a visit there, but I already have my five official visits set up. I'm committed to those schools for my five official visits. If something were to change with one of those five, I would visit Notre Dame instead. They just came in late."

Comments: While this isn't completely over with yet, even if he were to visit, the Irish would have to make up considerable ground. It's not impossible, but the first step would be to get a visit. We won't bother Brent until we hear there has been a change in his scheduled visits. Top Stories