Carpenter Waiting to Hear From Notre Dame

Westlake, California quarterback Rudy Carpenter has had a wild senior season. His transfer from one school to another has been well-documented. The 6-3, 190-pound prospect is hoping that he can find the right school in the near future during his official visits. He's also hoping to hear back from Notre Dame.

Rudy Carpenter last told us that he needed to get some academic issues taken care of before he could be admitted to Notre Dame. We spoke with Rudy to find out the latest on that situation.

"I'm waiting for a phone call from them right now," said Carpenter. "Today I faxed over my academic info and I'm waiting for a response. They said they call me as soon as they got everything cleared."

We asked Rudy what the problem was with his academic situation. "I was on a blocked schedule at my old school, and when I transfered, that put me a semester behind. I've had to take a bunch of independent study and I just got the results back from that today. We faxed those results over, and we're waiting to hear back from them."

Carpenter has scheduled some official visits in the meantime. "I'm going to Arizona this weekend. I'll visit Arizona State on January 9th. Michigan State is coming by tomorrow and I'll probably set up a visit there. I'm hoping to visit Notre Dame on January 16th."

The Irish remain high on his list. "Notre Dame would be a good opportunity for me if I can get in. I like Notre Dame quite a bit."

Carpenter has lived in California his entire life. We asked if the weather would bother him. "No, not at all. I figure the most I'll be there is five years. If anything, that will confirm that I want to live in California the rest of my life. I think the education there could help me tremendously for the rest of my life."

Comments: It sounds like Carpenter is a great kid that got caught in an academics situation likely out of his control. He's a great kid, and I hope he gets his shot. Regardless, he has some great schools to choose from. I'll check back later to find out what is happening with Notre Dame. Top Stories