Lambert Is Not Resting On His Laurels

In the last couple of months, Terrail Lambert's stock has risen considerably. Projected as a cornerback in college, his speed and athleticism has made college coaches take considerable notice of this St. Bonaventure athlete. Irish Eyes caught up with Terrail to find out what has been happening so far with his recruiting and his season.

Playing for perennial powerhouse St. Bonaventure in Ventura, CA, Irish Eyes asked Terrail Lambert, how his season went. "We made the championship game and lost," he said. "I think I preformed up to my standards. Obviously, I wished I could've found something else in me to pull out a win. No one likes losing."

Being the natural competitor, Terrail is not one to rest on his laurels. "The thing is at the next level, everything is going to have to go up," he confessed. "I don't want to get complacent. I'll probably have a real strict work out regimen. Then next year, my work ethic is going to skyrocket more then it ever has before and I'll come in consciously knowing that there it's going to be an adjustment no matter where I go."

A wanted man by top football programs, Terrail remains flexible to where he will take his skills. "I'm still pretty much open," he said. "I'm trying to hear everyone out, take into consideration what they are telling me, what they have to offer, and basically start to narrow it down. Right now, I think my top three are FSU, ND, and Ohio State in no particular order."

Terrail has been a top priority for the Irish all year and that culminated in a visit by Coach Willingham this past week, we wondered what Terrail's thoughts were of him and what he had to say. "It went real well," he confessed. "He's a real intellectual type of person. That's the type of person you want to sit and listen to and just have a conversation with. He can feed you a lot of information, because he's been around for a while and I think that can be an advantage. Other then football, basically, we talked about what the school has to offer. It was simply just normal conversation."

Although most of their conversation was social, when it turned to football, the two were on the same wavelength. "He said I'm best suited at corner, which I agree," he said. "He's looking for impact players and if I do end up going there, I'll be able to fill that need."

A mark of a great player is always his level of confidence and how he handles adversity. Irish Eyes asked Terrail if he thought if he can see himself going to Notre Dame where the expectations and requirements are much higher then other football programs. "Oh definitely," he said. "That's definitely a possibility. It's Notre Dame, one of the most prestigious schools around. You really can't lose. It's just a matter of being comfortable.

With his recruiting process heating up, another school has entered into the picture, but Terrail isn't making any alterations yet. "The latest one is Arizona," he said. "I'm doubtful (about an official visit) at this point. It could change in the future, but as of right now I probably won't be planning it."

Comments: Notre Dame is definitely still in the picture for Terrail's services. Ohio State seems to be making a strong late push, but it looks like it'll come down to FSU and ND at this moment. He has an official with Ohio State early in January after he attends the US Army All Star game, so anything can change from this point on. His visit to USC is still up in the air and Arizona can still come into the picture in a big way, especially if Coach Stoop comes knocking. Planning to decide in late January, ND and FSU look neck and neck, but don't count out the others with so much time left remaining. Top Stories