Carpenter Still Hopeful

<P>Irish Eyes caught up with quarterback Rudy Carpenter as he was practicing for the Cal/Florida game. What is the latest on Carpenter?

Quarterback Rudy Carpenter has been hoping to get cleared by the Notre Dame admissions department. He has been waiting for a call to see if he has been cleared.

Carpenter has received his call from Notre Dame. "They called my coach," said Carpenter. "They told him I need to retake my S.A.T. test. They told him I need to score at least a 900 and as close to 1,000 as I can get."

The Westlake, California prospect wants to visit Notre Dame, but hasn't been able to set that up yet. "I haven't scheduled a visit yet. I think they want me to take the test first. I'm going to Arizona on January 9th, Michigan State on January 16th, and Arizona State on January 23rd. I might change my Michigan State visit and take a visit to Oregon."

Carpenter says he plans to take his test as soon as he can. "I'll take it again in January. I want to visit there. I'd love a chance to go to Notre Dame. UCLA just offered me though, I'll take an unofficial there. I might not be able to wait for Notre Dame."

Comments: I think this situation would be difficult to resolve. Carpenter likely wouldn't get his score back until February which would be a gamble for both Notre Dame and Carpenter. We'll wait and see what the final verdict is when the Irish coaches can speak to him again. Top Stories