Patterson Drops Notre Dame From Consideration

Safety prospect Nick Patterson says he's eliminated Notre Dame from consideration. The Irish came in late on Patterson, and Patterson has narrowed his list to three.

Nick Patterson says he's cancelled his visit to Notre Dame. "I'm just going to take my visit to UCLA. I cancelled my visit to Notre Dame."

We asked Nick why he dropped Notre Dame. "It was just the narrowing down process. I talked to my parents and we just decided I would stick with these three schools."

The Irish recently had an in-home visit with Patterson. Did the visit not go well? "No, the visit was great. We talked for a long time. I just felt that these three schools were the schools I was most interested in."

Comments: We think the Irish just came in too late for Patterson. They had too much ground to make up. Nick is a great kid and we wish him well no matter where he chooses to go to school. Top Stories