Irish Still in the Race for Richard

Louisiana defensive lineman Darryl Richard has set his final three visits. The 6-4, 280-pound defensive tackle prospect says he's narrowed his list, and the Irish are still in the race. Where do the Irish stand with Richard?

Darryl Richard recently returned from his trip to the Army All-American game. "I had a lot of fun," said Richard. "I liked it because it was highly competitive. I liked going against the best out there. I thought I played pretty well."

Rumors have been circulating about Richard and Notre Dame. Some have said the Irish have been slipping on his list. "No, that's not true at all. They are very far from being dropped off my list. Coach Willingham went to one of my basketball games, and he came by and talked to my family. It went extremely well. My Mom liked him a lot. Notre Dame is definitely in my top three."

Richard says he has a top three right now. "LSU, Miami, and Notre Dame are my top three. I don't really have a favorite out of those three."

Colorado will get a visit this weekend. "I'm going there this weekend. Then I'm going to Miami on the 16th, LSU on January 23rd, and I'll make my decision sometime after that."

The Tigers looked impressive in the National Championship game. We asked Richard if it would be hard to turn down the Tigers if he chose another school. "Not really. I don't get their ring. It will be a different team if I went there. I will look at their academic situation, and their coaches and players, and then I'll decide if LSU is the best team for me."

We asked Darryl what would be the final factors in his decision. "I think the success of the program and where they are headed. The academics will also factor into it. The social life, and I guess just a gut feeling. I hope I'll get a guy feeling on a school."

Did he feel he fit in with the players at Notre Dame? "Yes, I thought I fit in very well with those guys. I really enjoyed my visit there."

Comments: Richard was adamant that Notre Dame had not dropped from his list. He said he and his family really enjoyed the visit with Willingham. He does have three visits left so anything can happen between now and then. Hopefully the Irish can hang on in the end. Top Stories