Brohm Still Has Irish High On List

Quarterback Brian Brohm recently returned from his trip to San Antonio for the Army All-American Bowl. Brohm has one visit left to Louisville. Irish Eyes caught up with Brohm to get his thoughts on recruiting, and where the Irish currently stand with him.

Brian Brohm enjoyed his trip to San Antonio. "I had a lot of fun," said Brohm. "It was a great competition all week. It really was competitive. I liked hanging out with guys."

We asked Brohm which players impressed him. "Tim Jamison caused us problems all week. Nobody could block him. Teddy Ginn was probably the best defense back I've ever seen. He is really good. I thought all those receivers were amazing. I could get used to throwing to all those guys."

Rumors from the bowl had Brohm losing interest in Notre Dame. "Not correct. They are actually higher than when they started. It's a definite possibility. They are probably a lot higher than many think."

The rumors have said that Brohm was worried he wouldn't get the chance to compete with Brady Quinn if he went to Notre Dame. Is that a concern for Brohm? "Not really, they've made it clear it would be a competition. I know they obviously like Brady. But, they've made it clear that I would have a chance to beat him out."

We asked Brohm if Brady is the main concern for him in choosing Notre Dame. "It's probably the main factor. It's a tough situation, but that might be the reason I might choose Notre Dame. I love competition. I might be willing to take that chance. I might want the opportunity to try to start there."

When can we expect a decision from Brohm? "It will probably be in one or two weeks. I'm not sure if I will have in-home visits. That depends on the visit this weekend. I'll talk to the schools afterwards. If I need to have an in-home after that, I will. It just depends on how I feel after this weekend."

Brohm has already taken visits to Notre Dame, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We asked if his decision is starting to become more clear at this point. "A little bit. I will take the visit this weekend and see how it goes."

Comments: It appears the Irish are definitely still in the race. Where they are in the race is unclear. Many expect him to choose Louisville. I don't disagree because he has family there. Still, Brohm has made it clear he's not afraid of competition. I wouldn't surprise me if he chose Notre Dame or Tennessee either. Regardless, someone is getting a great quarterback and a great kid. Top Stories