Crum Jr. Sets Final Two Visits

Florida linebacker Maurice Crum Jr. has scheduled his two remaining visits. The Irish will be getting a visit on January 16th. When will Crum be deciding?

Maurice Crum Jr. has scheduled his two remaining visits. "I have Notre Dame on January 16th," said Crum. "I also scheduled a visit to Tennessee on January 23rd. Tennessee has now offered me."

Michigan State is the other team in the mix. Crum has already visited the Spartans. "I felt I fit in there. They were decent people. I think I could play ball with those guys. The coaches were real nice. I liked it there a lot."

Notre Dame is recruiting Crum heavily. "They call me every week. Coach Simmons came by my school and I've talked to him a few times. He's a real good guy. Coach Miles came to my house. I liked him a lot. He answered all our questions. My Mom had a lot of questions, but he answered them all. He answered some before she even asked."

Crum had to cancel his visit to Notre Dame to raise his test score to be admitted. "I did take it. I scored a 900."

The Irish remain high on his list. "I guess what I like the most about Notre Dame is if I went there, I be able to say I have a degree from Notre Dame. I'd be able to say I played football for Notre Dame. Not many can say that."

Crum says he's down to these final three schools. "It's just those three. I'll take my last two visits and then decide. I really don't have a favorite right now out of those three."

Comments: Crum is a Notre Dame kid. I'm going to guess he'll feel comfortable when he visits. He has his test score. It's now a matter of the visit. I really couldn't guess where he's leaning right now. Top Stories