McCoy Set To Take Visits

Texas wide receiver Bobby McCoy is set to start taking his official visits. The 6-2, 185-pound speedster is set to visit Arizona this weekend. He's also scheduled three other visits including one to Notre Dame.

Bobby McCoy has narrowed his list down to four. "I visit Arizona this weekend, I have Arkansas on January 16th, Texas A&M on January 23rd, and Notre Dame on January 30th," said McCoy.

McCoy said he is excited about his visit this weekend. "I like the coaches they are bringing in. They've coached a lot of good players. I like what they are doing there."

Arkansas has been rumored to be his leader. "Yeah, they probably are, but that's because I've been there for their camp. I know the most about their school." Arkansas also has an impressive track program—something McCoy wants to pursue in college. "That does help them a little bit."

Notre Dame is a school that McCoy admits he knows very little about. "I'm supposed to have Coach Buzz Preston here on the 14th. I really don't know much about Notre Dame. I like their tradition. They have a real strong tradition. I probably know more about their school than I do about their football program."

McCoy says he plans to take all his visits before deciding. "I'm pretty sure I'll take them all. I want to check them all out."

Comments: McCoy appears to be fairly open at this point. The track program could play a factor in his decision. He does seem interested in Notre Dame, and finding more about the school. Hopefully he'll make the visit. He seems like a guy who would fit in well at Notre Dame. Top Stories