One and Done for Irish at QB?

With the emergence of Carlyle Holiday will the Irish be able to sign two quarterback in February? IrishEyes recruiting expert Chris Pool shares his years of experience with you here in forming an answer to that question. His long-range prediction for Holiday might quicken your pulse. Stay with IrishEyes throughout Boston College weekend.

One thing that I've learned about football recruiting since I've been in the business is that it's very hard to sign two very good quarterbacks. My feeling was confirmed by more than one college coach this year.

When a blue-chip quarterback verbally commits to a school, he usually asks the coaching staff not to recruit any other quarterbacks in his class.

The coaching staff either agrees with this request because the quarterback in question is their first choice and he's a difference maker or they may tell the recruit that they need to take two quarterbacks and explain the reasons why.

Regardless, It's tough to sign two very solid quarterbacks in the same year. Notre Dame did the unthinkable a couple of years ago, signing Carlyle Holiday, Matt LoVecchio and Jared Clark. All were highly recruited.

Carlyle Holiday was the most highly touted of the three quarterbacks named above and now he's starting to show everyone why he was so highly recruited. I was a believer in Holiday after I saw his athleticism at this year's spring game.

Holiday is big, fast, intelligent and he has a cannon attached to his shoulder. He's a threat to take it the distance on every play and the scary thing is that he hasn't come close to reaching his full potential.

Notre Dame doesn't redshirt but players can apply for a fifth year of eligibility. Holiday is a true sophomore and unless I'm delusional, he has a strong hold on the quarterback position for the next two or three years.

Heck, I may pull a Beano Cook and say Holiday has a chance to win a certain important trophy that's handed out at the end of the season in New York City.

In this years recruiting class, New Jersey's Chris Olsen, a big quarterback with a strong arm committed to the Irish early. Olsen is a solid get. With the emergence of Holiday, landing another solid quarterback is going to be very tough.

One thing the Irish coaching staff may be looking for is a quarterback that can play another position. James Banks is a super quarterback, he may be the best I've seen this year.

I think the Indianapolis native (Banks) would be a long shot to end up in South Bend. Banks may visit but there are better quarterback situations that he'll look at. Michigan, Virginia Tech and Miami have the inside track.

I feel best bets to sign with Notre Dame in February may be a couple of Florida signal callers. St. Petersburg's Chris Davis and Tallahassee's Gavin Dickey are both terrific dual threat quarterbacks that have the Irish on their short list.

Both Davis and Dickey say they want to play quarterback but both are athletic enough to play a couple of different skill positions. Dickey visited Notre Dame last week and he liked his visit very much. Davis hasn't set a solid visit date as of yet.

Notre Dame may end up signing just one quarterback in 2002, Chris Olsen. If this is the case, the Irish will be fine. Holiday is the present and the future. Lo Vecchio and Clark are solid backups and Chris Olsen will come in next year and get his feet wet.

Besides, there is always next year and the #1 quarterback in the country may be Charlotte, N.C. (Independence) gunslinger, Chris Leak. Does this name ring a bell? It should. Top Stories