Irish Sit and Wait Patiently This Weekend

The Irish do not have a visit weekend this weekend. Notre Dame students do not report back for classes until next Monday so they are not allowed to have a recruiting visit weekend. Irish coaches will have to sit and wait patiently for their next opportunity to recruit. The last month of recruiting is here, and some key decision should be made in the coming weeks. Let's take a look at when some of these decisions could be made.

Quarterback Brian Brohm is taking his last official visit this weekend to Louisville. Brohm told Irish Eyes this week that he probably won't be having in-home visits after his visit to Louisville unless he felt he needed them. This tells us that his mind is likely made up. We are going to guess that the Irish or Louisville would be leading at this point.

If the Irish are his top choice, the Cardinals have their chance to change his mind this weekend. If they lead, he'll likely commit there this weekend or shortly there after. The longer Brohm waits to make his decision, the better the chance for another team we believe.

Devon Lyons will likely be making a decision soon as well. The Irish have fallen behind in the last few weeks. Notre Dame's only chance would come this week with an in-home visit to change his opinion of life at Notre Dame. We don't see that happening, but it could. We think only Willingham would have the chance to change his mind, and he's already made his in-home visit. Lyons is visiting Michigan this weekend. We expect him to choose Ohio State in the end.

Courtney Grixby has said he'll be visiting Notre Dame very soon. The Irish better hope they schedule that visit this week. The Huskers have a new coach, and the Irish have to get a visit scheduled. If this drags on, expect Grixby to choose Nebraska. Hopefully the Irish can set a visit this week, the sooner the better.

Terrail Lambert had scheduled a visit to Ohio State. It appears that visit has been canceled. The Irish and Florida State have been his leaders. Lambert hasn't scheduled any other visits that we are aware of. Could he be deciding soon? We honestly have no idea.

Nate Lyles has already taken three official visits. His last visit is scheduled for Notre Dame next weekend. Some say Virginia might have the slight lead for Lyles. The Irish have the final say. He could be deciding soon after his visit as he has told us he would be deciding sometime shortly after his visit to Notre Dame.

Darius Walker visits Stanford this weekend. It appears the coach that was recruiting him for Stanford (David Kelley) has left for another position at Duke. We think that will hurt their chances. We don't expect Walker to decide soon, but losing Kelley could hurt the Stanford's chances of landing him.

Jae Thaxton visits Georgia this weekend. He's also visited Florida State already. Some suggest these two are his favorite schools. The Irish don't have a visit scheduled until January 23rd. Hopefully he won't decide shortly after this trip and will still take the Notre Dame visit. Hopefully the Irish coaches have an in-home visit set up right before or after his Georgia visit.

Jaimie Thomas has one visit left to Notre Dame on January 16th. He has told us that he would be deciding soon after his visit to Notre Dame. Tennessee looks to be the main competition for Thomas. A good visit could result in a commitment from Thomas shortly after his visit.

Chris Vaughn still has two visits left to UCLA and Notre Dame. The Irish are scheduled for January 23rd. Vaughn recently told us that other schools are starting to get nervous, and would like him to decide soon. We think they are nervous because Vaughn likes the Irish quite a bit. The Irish staff needs to make sure he makes his visit to Notre Dame. Iowa appears to be the team to beat, but Boston College is right in the mix. A good in-home visit might secure his visit to Notre Dame. I'm sure Notre Dame will be trying to get into his home next week.

Justin Brown has scheduled his visit to Notre Dame on January 16th. Penn State is the following weekend. We think Notre Dame has a good shot to land Brown. Can they convince him to commit on his visit, and not take the Penn State visit?

The rest of the Irish prospects appear to be deciding later than sooner. The Irish have to hope they can weather the storm this weekend as recruiting heats up once again. Hopefully they won't lose any prospects while the Irish sit and wait for their next opportunity to present their case. Top Stories