Thaxton Returns From Georgia Visit

Linebacker Jae Thaxton recently returned from his visit to Georgia. Will Thaxton be taking more visits?

Irish Eyes caught up with Jae Thaxton after his visit to Georgia. "It was alright. They had some good food there. I felt I fit in well with the players and the coaches."

Rumors have said that Georgia and Florida State are his top schools. "I can't really say that is accurate. I haven't seen then other schools to really say that."

Thaxton has visits lined up for Miami, LSU and Notre Dame. Will he still be taking those visits? "Yeah, I'm going to take them all." Is there any chance he might commit to a school before taking them all? "No, I don't think I'll commit anywhere before I visit them all."

The Irish appear to be visiting his home this week. "They should be here this week. They have been to my school, but not my home. I don't know when they are coming--sometime soon."

Comments: Thaxton says he remains interested in Notre Dame. He doesn't say a lot, and he's given no indication where he might be leaning. He says he'll take all his visits before deciding late. We won't know much until after his visit to Notre Dame on the 23rd. Top Stories