Brohm Returns from Louisville

Quarterback Brian Brohm has made what is likely his last official visit. It's now decision time for the Louisville native. Irish Eyes spoke to Brohm about where he stands with his decision.

Brian Brohm has returned from his official visit to Louisville. "It went well," said Brohm. "I liked the campus, and I like their offense. I like how they are on that upward swing."

We asked Brohm what his plans are for his decision. "I'm going to talk to each school this week. I'll take next week to let that all settle in, and then I'll make my decision at the end of the week."

Tennessee had an in-home visit with Brohm on Monday. "They were just here. Illinois was at the school. I believe Notre Dame is coming on Wednesday. I'm not sure if I will have Kentucky in. I will at least talk to them. I don't think we'll have Louisville in."

Before his visit last weekend, Brohm told Irish Eyes that his decision was becoming clearer. We asked if that was still the case. "I thought I had it narrowed down, now I'm not sure. I keep going back and forth."

With his brother Jeff as the quarterback coach at Louisville, we asked if his family would prefer Louisville? "They have mixed feelings, too. It's going to be a tough decision."

Comments: Brian seems torn right now. We are not sure between whom at this point. All we can guess right now is that the Irish are somewhere between one and two, and that is just a guess. We'll give Brohm a call later in the week and see if he has narrowed his list to two. Top Stories