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We were the first Notre Dame site on the Web and now we have the deepest, most experienced staff. To all existing subscribers, thank you for your loyal support through the years. For those of you new to IrishEyes, take a moment here to get acquainted with our staff and our offerings.

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October 26, 2001

An IrishEyes Welcome
To New Subscribers

By Alan Tieuli
The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

NOTRE DAME, IN (IE) – Our tagline reads "The First Notre Dame Sports Site on the web."  While that is accurate – we've been online providing regular reports since 1994 – it only begins to tell the story of why you should make IrishEyes ( a daily read.


What we are most proud of here is the quality and depth of our editorial staff.  We've assembled some of the best and brightest writers in insuring that the coverage you receive from IrishEyes is informative, fair and passionate.  Our staff includes individuals who have handled the pressures of succeeding academically and athletically under the Dome.  We have top beat writers and editors who understand the importance of delivering clean, accurate copy in an expeditious manner.  All of us are "Irish" in some sense of the word.


Our staff includes:


Tom Beck – IrishEyes' football analyst, providing a weekly critique of the Irish's offensive game plan and execution.  Tom is a former assistant coach under Lou Holtz and a captain, MVP and Academic All-American at Northern Illinois University.


F. Richard Ciccone – Author of the ever-popular "EyeGlass" commentary.  He is a 1961 graduate of Notre Dame and served as the Managing Editor of the Chicago Tribune.  He is also a best-selling author with his most recent work being "Rokyo: A Life in Print."


Chris Pool – The foremost recruiting expert in the Midwest.  Chris is a full-time contributor to The Insiders network with a special focus on Notre Dame.


Joe Tybor – The founder of IrishEyes, former Notre Dame beat writer at the Chicago Tribune and the funniest story-teller you will ever meet on events from the Holtz and Digger Phelps eras.


Alan Tieuli – Managing Editor of IrishEyes with over 20 years of covering college football and basketball at daily newspapers.


Mark Allen – A long-time member of "Notre Dame Nation," this Indianapolis-based former minor league baseball player reports regularly for IrishEyes from the "fan's perspective."


If you've been a loyal subscriber to IrishEyes through years, you know all of this.  If you're new to our page, welcome and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.


When you do open a premium subscription with us, or The Insiders network, we insure that you will always receive the most accurate information.  Our founder, and my friend, Joe Tybor had the best marketing line years ago: "When it comes to separating fact from fiction on the Internet, The Eyes has it. Top Stories