Will Toal Visit Notre Dame?

Linebacker Brian Toal has already taken two official visits to Boston College and Miami. Tennessee is set for a visit this weekend. Where will Toal be going on his final two visits?

Brian Toal is trying to set his final visits. He has coaches from a number of schools trying to secure his final visits including Notre Dame. "Coach Willingham was here last night," said Toal. "It went real good. We had a lot of fun. He asked me if I wanted to play offense or defense. I told him it didn't matter to me. He told me that if I came to Notre Dame I'd start out at running back, and if that didn't work out, I'd switch to linebacker."

Is Toal interested in playing running back? "Yeah, I think I'd enjoy that. It doesn't matter to me, but it'd be fun to give running back a try."

Toal has already visited Miami and Boston College, and he has a visit set for Tennesee this weekend. We asked Toal which schools might get his final two visits. "I'm looking at a number of schools. Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Michigan and Nebraska are the schools I'm considering. I'm going to talk to the coaches this week, and hopefully I can set them up by next Tuesday or Wednesday."

We asked Toal if it were likely he'd be visiting Notre Dame. "I think there is a pretty good chance I'll visit there."

It appears this battle will go down to the wire. "I don't plan to announce until signing day now."

Is Boston College still leading right now? "To a point they are. I'd say everything is pretty even right now."

Comments: The Irish might be getting a visit. I think he likes the idea of playing running back. Still, the Irish will have to make up some ground on Miami and Boston College. We'll know more after if/when he takes a visit.

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