Crum Set for Visit to Notre Dame

Tampa linebacker Maurice Crum is set to take his official visit this weekend to Notre Dame. Do the Irish have a chance to land this top prospect?

Maurice Crum is down to three schools now. "I'm down to Notre Dame, Tennessee and Michigan State," said Crum. "I'm visiting Notre Dame this weekend, Tennessee on the 23rd, and I've already visited Michigan State."

The Irish have been working hard to get Crum's signature on signing day. "I spoke to Coach Miles today. I like him a lot. Coach Walters came to my house this week. He met with my Mom. That went very well. He just answered her questions about Notre Dame. She didn't have too many. Coach Miles answered most of them last time. Now it's just a matter of taking the visit."

Crum said he was excited about the visit. "I'm pretty excited about it. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the players. I want to get an idea of the school, how I fit in there, and just check out the atmosphere there."

A decision could be coming soon. "I'll probably decide after my visit to Tennessee. I don't think I'll wait until signing day. I should know before then."

Comments: As with any southern player, it all boils down to the visit. We really can't say how any player will react until they've visited. Crum appears to be a player who would fit in very well at Notre Dame. We'll know more about where he might be heading after his visit this weekend. Top Stories