McBath Still Taking Visits

Corner prospect Darcell McBath recently returned for a visit to Oklahoma State. The Cowboys made a big impression on McBath, but he says he still plans to take all his official visits. McBath will be visit Notre Dame on January 23rd.

Darcel McBath enjoyed his visit to Oklahoma State. "I did like it. I liked the guys--the people there. The coaches were real nice. They just made me feel comfortable there. I felt like I fit in there."

With a good visit to Oklahoma State, we asked McBath if he was still going to take his remaining visits. "Yeah, I'm still taking them all. I have Texas Tech this weekend, Texas A&M next week during the week, and then I go to Notre Dame."

The Irish have been working hard to get his signature. "Notre Dame came on Monday to my basketball game. Then they came by my house and chatted with my Mom. Coach Mattison and Coach Walters came. I really liked both of them. My Mom did too. We really talked about the opportunity of getting my education. We really didn't talk much about football. My Mom was really impressed by that. That was the first thing she said to me after they left."

We asked Darcel if Oklahoma State was his leader at this point. "I'd say they are, but that is only because that's the only school I've been to. That could change this week. I really don't have anything to compare that visit with. I did like it there though."

McBath also confirmed that everyone involved is recruiting him as a corner.

Comments: Oklahoma State impressed Darcel quite a bit. The Irish will have their shot next weekend. McBath says he plans to take all his visits before making his final decision. Top Stories